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Counting Strategies

This is the best method that you can ever get and probably the easiest method too. Nevertheless this method or technique is not the quickest technique that you can get, which makes you think to use another technique you already knew. For this instance, the value of cards will be reduced. Then if you have reduced the value you can add up some extra point for every group. To see which groups should be added, continue reading. It doesn't matter what card you want to add in a group if ever you want to use this method - the groups and the number of card value are always the same.

It is clearly understood that the first Tarot game was played in couple of tricks, the amount of the Tarot cards did not exceed on the amount of players playing the game. It means to proper way of counting cards starts on the reducing process and then carried on to the worth of each card then to the tricks taken by the players. In newer games, the significant between tricks and the player group is not that important, this is the reason why, you can see 4 players playing with a card of 3.

The Use of Fractional value

In this technique the point is added t o the number of cards given to each individual playing cards instead of distributing it to the players. The true value of one heap of cards simply is the total amount of the percentage value of the card value. This technique was taken on the game version of Tarot played on French, such as when he card is values 2 that will be half.

The Value of subtraction

This technique uses a minimal amount of cards. If the cards counting follow a group of one, you should add the minimum value of the card to reach its whole value for every group; however this technique is too enormous for players to achieve. Like for example, if you count the cards in groups, you have o subtract the number of group less one point from all the value gathered from all groups playing on the game. Another example is this, if you count a group of 3; add the value of cards in that group and then less it with 2 points.

How to Count the Valued Cards

When you use the technique of counting cards on its minimal value it should work out this way:

  • A group that holds an empty card is automatically has 1 point.
  • If a group has a minimum value of 3 cards then you have to deduct 2 points to the total value.
  • If a group has a total minimum value of 4 cards then you have to deduct 3 points to the total amount value.