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The principles of playing the game is you should have a value of 21 in your hand but should not exceed the number 21. Your co-opponent will not bother about how you play the game. You must play on your own and strictly do not abide with the dealer's rule. The games played are strictly a favor to what the dealer says, leaving the dealer in control of the game.

For that reason, you cannot blame the dealer if the game favors him or her, players can see all the cards' in your hand, but this will not make them ahead of the game. Without a doubt, if you are in a shoe' game, the cards should be positioned upward. But however if you are new to this game, you can ask any opponent and the dealer too about the game and do not be afraid to show them your cards.

How to Deal Cards

If every one has made their bets, the dealer will start dealing the cards to players. The dealer will pass around the table where players are seated from left to right, this way all players will receive 2 cards. To start the game a dealer will twist one card so that the value will get exposed.

In playing shoe' games, players should let their cards face upward, and they aren't allowed to let the card face down. If this is your first time to play, you might have think if playing shoe-game since you can play the card hands off. A hand card game the payer is required to face the cards down, and to continue playing one of the players must start picking up the card and it goes on. But in placing the playing the card face down there are points that you should remember.

  • You have to hold the card with just one hand. If you play poker before, I know that it will be hard to do this since you cannot easily break a habit.
  • Place the cards on the table.
  • If the dealer gives you a card, that card should remain on the table and will not be included to the cards on your hand.

If the dealer has given all the cards' to the players sitting round the table, the first seat should take the first move. Every player must tell the dealer the kind of play he or she wishes. Each player will have different set of rules to play but this however should cover on how the game rule should be when all players have said all what they want and the dealer to have completed the task, its time to place their bets.