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Every game comes with outstanding people who excel in the given field. Just like the game of blackjack, there are also known people who excel on this game. Through the years, these famous people have given excellent recognition with the game; their outstanding talent with the game blackjack is highly skillful that no one could ever match. In the world' of blackjack game, these known people are considered as the person behind the hall' of fame.

Those people who are included to the house of fame have been brought to the highest pedestal and have been the talk of the town mostly with persons who have interests in playing blackjack. It is not because of its somewhat genius tactics but basically because of their extra ordinary wit that their lives' have been known by many people in the world' of blackjack. When the time to get drawn in the game, what others get is certainly a too good to be true stories.

Edward Thorp

Perhaps many of you have seen the movie titled 21 starred by Kevin spacey or if not most likely you have read' the book titled Bringing down' The House, which was authored by Ben Mezrich. These stories were actually produced on his inspirations. His complete name is Edward Oakley Thorp; he was born in 1932 of August and was born with natural mathematical ability.

Before he became known in the world' of blackjack, he was first a leader in the group for mathematically genius people: he was very good in his college days, took up PhD in Mathematics and taught Mathematics at MIT in 1961 In the end, his mathematical ability led him to even more fascination until finally he intrude blackjack game. The first programming technique was FORTRAN; with this he placed several codes and mathematical probability that involve blackjack game.

Ken Uston

Ken Uston, who was also genius in numbers have been drawn back to the world of the game blackjack, actually the thing that made him famous at first was his rude playing in casinos. Afterward in his blackjack game endeavor he was not allowed to play on any casino sites, wanting him to disguise as other person just to get through the casino. Uston Ken still on the verge of disguising when he was caught' in disguise but he won many blackjack games.

His true name was Kenneth Senso' Usui. At the early age of sixteen he studied at Yale, University and then he took MBA at Harvard. He live in a normal life in spite of the millions he have won on the blackjack and later on he became a businessman and started to be on the corporate world but occasionally plays blackjack in the casino.