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If you are handling two identical cards, you have the option of splitting them, according on how the dealer have to deal with. For instance, if you are dealing two numbers 8 then you can split them. When ever you split one of the pair, that card should be turned face upward if ever you dealt with face down card. Then your bet is placed on the recent split cards

For instance: If one of the player place 5 dollars for his bet and during the card distribution he received two cards of the same numbers, he can split the cards whenever he wants to as long as he will bet another 5 dollars. In reality, the player who has split the cards will be playing with two cards that mean he wills double the bet. The player can draw two cards at the same time, one for the split card and the other on his original non - split cards.

Actually any cards that values 10 can be split if you desire. What we mean here is that, you can split 10 and king, or 10 and queen, or 10 and jack, or jack and queen. The aces can be split any time you want but only card can be dealt with. Nonetheless, the aces should be split no matter what.

The Double

The player cans double a bet every time he split the card. When the player does this, he will be given another card. For this reason, always remember that when you have the additional card you cannot rely on the old card anymore since you will deal with new cards, Generally speaking the casino games except in Nevada the rules for doubling the cards permits in any of the double cads.

In Nevada the 10's and the 11's are the only numbers that can be doubled. If you want to double down, you have to position your card front facing upward and then place the bet equivalent to the bet you have wager on your first card. It is mandatory to place an additional wagering once you have dealt the cards.

How to Surrender?

In some casinos, players can forfeit 50 percent of his original' bet if he decides not to play the game with the dealer'. This is what we call surrender. For instance: the player place a large amount of the wagering and the dealer' shows number 10 card face up. The player is dealt with card number 16, and if ever he hits the card it will be busted the dealer' will have the card number 17 to beat him. Some casinos that allow surrender, any player can surrender. It is just few of the many possible statements every player can have.